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Music Business How To (MBHT) is an educational platform and exclusive community where you, the hard working artist and creative professional, learn key music business strategies to help you work smarter.

Our mission is to empower you and your team to establish successful, sustainable and fulfilling careers on your own terms by having access to all of the music business information you’ll ever need in one place.

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How-To Guides and Mini Courses

50+ How-To Guides and Mini Courses to help you with everything from designing your artist website to selling merch and everything in between.

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Downloadable Checklists, Templates and Spreadsheets

Templates and checklists to help you with everything from writing your bio to writing a pitch email and spreadsheets to help you keep track of your budget and merch sales.

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Private Community

Our private community of music business professionals are here to help you along the way.

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Resource Library

From our favorite apps to use to create awesome social media content, to the companies we use to print our merch, you’ll get access to a database of all of our plugs that we use to help artists like you grow their audience.

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We understand that artists have a lot on their plate, which is why we made our membership as affordable as possible.

Always remember, the more you learn the more you earn.

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Access to Premium Content and Courses

Access to Private Community

Access to Private Webinars

50% Off All Templates, Checklists and Spreadsheets

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$999/year (PAY FOR THE YEAR AND save $200)

Access to Premium Content and Courses

Access to Private Community

Access to Private Webinars

All Templates, Checklists and Spreadsheets are FREE

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Access to Premium Content and Courses

Access to Private Community

Access to Private Webinars

All Templates, Checklists and Spreadsheets are FREE

Email Our Team Directly for Help With Your Music Career

One-on-One Calls With Our Team for Personal Guidance



Q: is this just another automated membership?

A: Nope! It’s a very hands-on membership where our team will be interacting with you on a consistent basis. There are real people behind this site and we want to help you. Feel free to tweet @BreezyB215 and @BigSto and let them know you’re interested in becoming a member and you’ll get a taste of how hands-on we are.

Q: Will MBHT make me famous? will it get me on complex and billboard?

A: The goal for us is to help you build a sustaining career on your own terms. If you happen to blow up in the process, amazing! If you happen to get posted to a huge blog site, awesome! But we’re not guaranteeing that as there are way too many factors that go into it.

Q: can i cancel my membership at any time?

A: You sure can! But why would you want to do that? We’ll be keeping the site updated consistently so you’ll always have a ton of knowledge and resources at your fingertips.

Q: can i upgrade or downgrade my membership?

A: YES. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan at any time. So if you’re on the $349/month plan and you want to downgrade to the $99/month plan, you can easily do so in your account settings.

Q: Why is the subscription $99? I've seen other subscriptions for way less. netflix isn't even that expensive and y’all ain’t netflix!

A: This platform is for the serious artist. It’s for the artists and teams that understand the value of leverage. It's for the artists and teams that are already investing in themselves and want to find ways to invest their money wiser, because the more you know how to do on your own, the less you have to pay someone to do. There's a ton of free information online telling artists WHAT you should be doing; we give a ton of free knowledge on this site if free info is your thing. But the information you get by being a part of the private MBHT community is NOT information you can find online. It's the details and the secrets that no one talks about online. We're not just telling you WHAT to do, we're telling you EXACTLY HOW to do it, so it reflects in the subscription price. You pay for school, right? This is school.

Q: i know there’s a lot of knowledge on the website but what if I want hands-on help? can I contact you guys directly?

A: YES you can! All memberships come with access to our secret Facebook community where you can ask questions and learn from our team and other members. However, if you are on the ‘Hands-On’ plan, you will be able to contact our team directly (via email and personal calls) and we’ll gladly help guide you as you’re putting the work in.


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