How To Describe Your Album and Write the Press Release for It (with Example)


If you read our article on how to write the perfect press release [hyperlink], you’ll understand that your press release is used to describe the important details about what you’re pitching.

In this case, your press release should give the gritty details of your new album, such as:

  • What is the album title?

  • Release date? Is it available for Pre-order?

  • Why did you decide to give your album that title?

  • What’s the story behind the album? Does the album deal with a certain concept? Talk about the concepts/stories that each song takes you through.

  • Are there any features on the album?

  • Who produced the songs on the album?

  • Is this your first album? second? etc.

  • How long did it take to record the project?

  • What’s the lead single(s)?

  • Press Quotes (and/or quotes from you)

Example Album Press Release: Casey Veggies Organic

Here’s the official press release used for Casey Veggies new album, Organic:

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 2.04.19 AM.png

The headline:

“Casey Veggies Is Back, Freshly Independent, And Here With A Brand New EP, ‘Organic’”

As you can see, the title gives an overview of what will be in the body of the email, and gives important info that would get the person’s attention (the fact that he’s freshly independent).

The Opening:

Intended Release Date is June 7th: After 4 long years of fans and the industry waiting, Casey Veggies is finally back, freshly independent, and here with a brand new EP, Organic.

“It was a real soul searching process, finishing up this project. It was like not speaking with a good friend for a long time but coming back and getting right where you left off. I worked on this project for about 2 years and created over 100 songs, experimenting with different sounds, trying new melodies with my voice and just finding myself within the music. I spent a lot of time making sure I’m getting the right message across, making sure I’m giving people me.” - Casey Veggies

Listen to "Organic" here (fanlink available day of release)

In the opening, we discussed the elephant in the room - the fact that it’s been four long years since Casey dropped a propped a project. We also threw in another important fact which is that he’s not with the label anymore. And then we introduced the main point of the press release, his album, Organic along with a quote from the man of the hour, with a little background info on the project.

Notice that we added the link to stream it right under the intro. You don’t want the actual music to be hidden, you want to make sure it’s right after the intro and therefore easy to find. Some people want to listen before (or while) reading the rest of the release.

The Story Behind the Project

Due to his prior record deal, Casey's new music was being tied up and held from release. As of May 3rd, Casey went on to independently drop the music video to his single, Mirage, followed by the trailer for Organic, and the music video for Awarded which dropped exclusively through WSHH. He also surprised his fans by releasing another single, Stop Playing ft. Dom Kennedy, which was made available with the pre-release of the project.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Casey explained what the new project is centered around. “[Organic] is an answer to everyone who doubted me. Everyone has something to say about the trajectory of my career and I just feel like Organic is me saying I’m just doing what is impactful and natural to me. I have four albums that I’m working on right now that will continue the storyline.”

In the paragraphs following the intro, we reiterated the fact that Casey’s music has been tied up and held from being released. We also caught the reader up on his most recent releases to go along with the album. We then included a press quote from one of Casey’s recent interviews of him elaborating on what the project means to him.

Dive Into the Music

Organic starts off with the vulnerable track, Dream$, where Casey recalls the struggles of his early moments, sharing his music on MySpace and barely breaking even off of his first tour. Dream$ is then followed by Awarded, which fast-forwards to where he’s at in his career now as he talks about his gritty attitude and accomplishing greatness as an artist. The project features fellow West Coast artists, such as E-40, YG, The Game and more. Casey also dedicated the project to his close friends, Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle.

In the next section (as seen above) we put the focus on the music itself, giving insight on the message behind the music, and naming the easily recognizable features on the album.

Build Anticipation for What’s to Come

With years of heavy anticipation built up by his loyal fans and his new sense of freedom from being an independent artist, this EP is just the start of more releases this summer, including the highly anticipated, Fresh Veggies 2, a collaboration with Rockie Fresh, as well as Casey’s solo album.

In the closing paragraph we gave insight on what’s coming next.

Challenge for You:

Take a stab at writing a press release for your last (or upcoming) project. Start by answering the questions at the beginning of this article, and use your answers to piece together the press release (using this article as a guide).

Let us know how it goes by posting about it in our Facebook group! Also don’t be afraid to ask if you need help.

Next Steps

Now that your press release is written, it’s time to format the email that you’ll use to pitch the press release. Your press release won’t go in the body of the email, it’s usually attached to the pitch email itself.

Click here to learn how to write the official pitch email (with template). [hyperlink]

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