How To Build Anticipation for Your New Music/Video/Album Release


Beyoncé can drop a surprise album in the middle of the night and it’ll be the number one album in the country before the morning hits.

But unless you have a huge dedicated following like Beyoncé, you should definitely let your audience know that music is on the way.

So before you start releasing music, you’ll want to build some sort of anticipation for it.

There’s a few different ways to do this, and we’ve outlined them for you:

Post up some sort of teaser of your next release

The most basic thing you can do is post the cover art (or video snippet) on all of your social media accounts informing your followers that you’re about to release the song/video. You can also reveal the release date in this post. This starts to get people excited that you’re about to release something. If you want to take it a step further, encourage fans to subscribe to your newsletter if they want to be the first to be notified once it drops.

Post a behind-the-scenes video of your next release (ex: “the making of”)

Whether it’s a song or music video, posting some sort of teaser content is key to getting people interested and looking forward to your next release. You can post a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of the music video, or the recording process of you in the studio creating the record.

You can also post teaser videos of you in the studio listening to the record.

You can also use the Instagram or Facebook Live feature and let your fans know that you’ll be going live at a certain time to give a sneak peek of some of the records you’ll be dropping.

Send out an email to your newsletter with a sneak peek

You should be utilizing a newsletter to stay connected to your fans. If you aren’t, definitely check out our article about how to create and utilize your newsletter.

One of the perks of being subscribed to your newsletter should be that I’ll get a sneak preview of your new releases and unreleased records.

To help build anticipation for your upcoming release, you can send an email newsletter to your fans with a sneak peek (maybe a 60 second clip) or a private link to the song with an advanced free download.

Create a video or graphic countdown leading up to your release

Take your cover art and stick a number 8 on it then 7 and so on and post one every day leading up to your release. Typically this is best when you have a project dropping but I’ve seen it done successfully for music videos too, especially if you haven’t dropped in a while and people are really anticipating your release.

Set Up A Pre-Sale or pre-save

If you’re releasing a full body of work, you may also want to set up a pre-release on iTunes to promote to your fans.

Pre-saving lets fans save your project so that it’s added to their music library the second it’s released. That way when you say, “Project coming soon,” you can also include a link for people to pre-save it. This helps you build a ton of momentum before your release date and helps you see a ton of streams on release day.

If you’re looking for actual sales (not just streams), you can also pre-sell your project from one week to six months in advance, but you can only do this on iTunes and Amazon, and it can only be done for an album, not a single song.

Along with a pre-sale, you can also have a instant gratification track available. This means that you can choose a song from your project to be available for purchase or streaming before the album drops. [insert screenshot of casey veggies instant grat]

So for instance, if you want a single to be made available before your entire project drops, you can set up the pre-save option and make that single instantly available for anyone who clicks the link to pre-save the project.

If you’re not sure how to set this up, check out our guide to pre-selling your new music. [hyperlink to article]

Have A Private Listening Session

Connecting with people in-person is the most effective way to promote anything. By giving a select few people a private sneak peek experience of your new album, your fans will feel special and more loyal to you. You should invite 20 of your favorite people (and maybe some media outlets) to listen/view your new release (this is best for full projects or video premieres). At the event, take photos with everyone and encourage them to take photos and post videos to their social media accounts with a custom hashtag that you’ll use for your release (typically the title of the release). Having private release events can really get the momentum going while also creating content for you and your fans to share on social networks.

Things to Remember

You can do all of these things outlined in this article or you can pick one or two things to execute. All of these will definitely help build anticipation for your new release, which will build up the hype and momentum to help you have a successful release day. The more work you put in, the more results you get.

I suggest that you grab an email address from anyone who likes or comments on these posts. They are clearly interested in your next release so you want to make sure that they’re subscribed to your newsletter. Collect as many emails as possible leading up to the release so that you can send an email out to everyone on release day.