Project Rollout Example: Casey Veggies “Organic” [draft]

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Casey Veggies has been around for over 10 years (back in the Myspace days). He’s been signed since he was a teen, has released multiple projects and has created music with legends like Nipsey Hussle, Mac Miller, The Game, E-40, Dom Kennedy, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign and many others.

Recently, he parted ways with Epic Records, after being signed for many years. Due to the label holding back his releases, Casey hasn’t released an album in 4 years, which lead to fans wondering where their favorite budding artist went.

Our team was able to work hands on with Casey for the rollout of his new project, Organic. Over the last few months since leaving the label. Casey was eager to start putting music out and get back in touch with those who matter most, his fans.

Below is an overview of how we were able to roll out Casey’s latest project, Organic.


Keep in mind that although Casey hasn’t dropped music in a while, he definitely has built up a nice sized fan base (over 300k followers on Twitter, 200k on Instagram etc.). I want to mention this because typically if you’re a budding artist that doesn’t have that core following yet, you’ll want to make sure that you give yourself ample time to rollout your project. We did this in a matter of two months, where as you should normally allow 3-6 months.

Official Release Timeline:

Feb 22 - Dropped “Mirage” Audio

April 22 - Put #CustomizedGreatly series on DSP’s

April 23 - Put “Sleeping In Class” on DSP’s

April 26 - Put “Fresh Veggies: on DSP’s

I’m mentioning these above dates because although they weren’t officially part of the rollout of the album, the significance of these things still played a role, as Casey has been out so long that his old records weren’t on sites like Apple Music and Spotify. So him finally releasing these projects on DSP’s was sort of the start of the new era of Casey Veggies.

Actual Project Rollout Begins:

May 2 - “Casey Veggies is Back” Interview with Donna from DJBooth

May 3 - “Mirage” music video premiere’s on HipHopDX (dedicated to Mac Miller)

May 14 - Organic Album Trailer Drops

May 23 - “Awarded” video teaser

May 24 - “Awarded” video premiere’s on Worldstar

May 27 - Organic cover art and release date revealed

May 29 - Featured on DJBooth’s “year of Mac” (an interview about his relationship with Mac Miller)

May 30 - MTV News Interview Discussing the new project

May 30 - Post BTS with Dom Kennedy (teasing Dom Collab might be on the project)

May 31 - Announce Album Tracklist with Producers and Features

June 2 - Announce Album Listening Party

June 3 - Announce Pre Order + “Awarded” and “Stop Playin” ft. Dom Kennedy available

June 4 - HipHopDX Released article about the project

June 4 - All Def Music #BarExam episode drops (posts snippet from the interview that related to E-40 and used it to hype fans up about their first ever collaboration, being on the project)

June 6 - Listening Party

June 7 - Organic Official Release Date

June 7 - Posted BTS Photos from Release Party

June 7 - Genius Drops Verified Lyrics to Organic (Including write-up about the project)

June 8 - Posted HotNewHipHop Write Up about the Project

June 9 - Posted Animated Graphic “Organic out now”

June 10 - Posted updated album credits + asked fans what tracks they’re feeling.

June 11 - Posted video recap of listening party

June 11 - Dash Radio Interview

June 13 - Asked fans what video he should drop next

the details

The Overall Plan and Goals:

Tell The Story

Since Casey hasn’t released music in so long, his fans were wondering where the hell he went. He went from being featured on all of the blogs and even starring in the movie Dope, to being out of the spotlight and held back by the label. The thing is, his fans didn’t know this fact. So with the rollout of Organic, we had to make sure that his fans understood why he’s been gone for so long, and that he’s back and better than ever. We had to tell the story.

1. We wanted to tell the story about him no longer being with the label, so that his fans know that it wasn’t his fault he was gone.

2. We wanted to make sure that people understood that he was really coming back for good, so they should pay attention.

3. We wanted to let people know that this is just the beginning and that aside from this album, he has multiple new projects in the tuck.

4. We wanted to hit specific mainstream outlets that not only reached a lot of people, but that would give the fans the perception that big things were on the horizon.

And how do you tell that story? You let the media tell it, but you control the narrative by coming up with the angle and pitching the story to the right writers at the right outlets that will get the story out.

The perfect outlet to release this sort of info is definitely DJBooth. They are an extremely respected platform in music journalism, and they get a ton of reach and engagement (people really pay attention to the content they post). So we pitched them the story and Casey interviewed with Donna over at DJBooth to announce the return of Casey Veggies.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 10.50.05 PM.png

Once this was announced, the cat was out the bag that casey was no longer with the label, and that he’s ready to have a deeper connection with his fans without the label interfering. This was the start of getting his real fans back on board.

Casey followed that up by being featured on DJBooth’s #YearofMac series, where he told cool stories about his close friendship with Mac Miller.

The other outlets that we chose to help tell these stories were HipHopDX and MTV News, two other respected mainstream publications. We also premiered the video for “Awarded” on WorldStar’s Youtube channel, which is one of the biggest channels for music videos to premiere on. This ensured that the video would reach more people outside of those already following him.

Because of the Worldstar premiere and the interviews with the other outlets, media sources like HotNewHipHop and RapRadar started supporting automatically.

Re-Engage His Fan Base

The other goal of course, was to get the music out (obviously) but also get those core fans fully engaged once again. We did this in numerous ways:

  • We re-branded his social media accounts with new profile photos, custom header graphics that said “Organic”

  • We created his linktree so that fans could easily access all of his new music, videos, and interviews

  • We revved up his posting on social media, adjusted some captions to make sure he was saying things that would encourage his fans to comment on his posts.

  • We were “liking” a ton of posts on Twitter and Retweeting all the awesome things people were saying about being excited about his new music (both before and after the project dropped).

  • We also responded to some posts as well, for instance many fans asked if there was going to be a Dom Kennedy feature on the project so Casey responded to let them know he was. Fans were also asking when he plans on releasing Fresh Veggies 2, which is the spin off of his Fresh Veggies project with Rockie Fresh. So Casey responded to one of those questions letting people know that project is coming soon as well.

  • Casey was also posting a lot more, and showing some of the things that go on behind the scenes (for instance, showing him and Dom kennedy shooting their music video).