How To Set Up Your Linktree

linktree graphic.jpeg

You will always have a reason to say “click the link in my bio.” The thing that sucks about this is, you’re limited to having 1 link in your bio, so you constantly have to change the link and fans only have access to one thing at a time.

For instance, if you put a Spotify link in your bio, you’re actually leaving out the people that use Tidal or Apple Music. And what if you want people to stream your song, RSVP to your next show and then buy some of your merch? You can only put one link in your bio so you’ll have to pick one.

The old solution to this problem is to put your website link in your bio (as your website is the “hub” of everything about you).

But now there’s an even better solution, and that is drumroll please - LINKTREE.

Linktree gives fans really easy access to everything about you. So for instance, instead of putting a website link in your bio and having your fans search for things on your site, you can direct fans to specific sections of your site using linktree. For instance, you can send them to your online store, or directly to your newsletter subscribe form.

It also makes it easy for people to find you across social networks. If someone finds you on Instagram and wants to follow you on Twitter, linktree allows them to do so with the click of a button so they don’t have to search for you.

Check out Casey Veggies linktree and Gary V’s linktree for example.

How to Create Your Linktree

Visit linktree’s website to create your linktree for free. You can sign in using your Instagram login info.

You can upgrade to a paid version (for $6/month) if you’d like to customize the background, colors, and more, but it’s not totally necessary.

What Links Should You Put On Your Linktree?

Your linktree should contain all of the links that are relevant to you. Check out this linktree below for an example:

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 4.16.39 PM.png

That is an example of a paid Linktree, which is why you see the social network icons at the bottom. If you’re using the free Linktree option, you’ll also need to add each of your social media links as separate links that go directly on your linktree.

Here’s a list of things that should go on your linktree (add all that apply):

  • Add a SmartURL to the top of your linktree with your latest single or project. This link might say “Stream [insert song/project title].”

  • Add a link that says “Watch the Official Video for [insert song title]” and send people right to the Youtube video.

  • Add your website and make the link say “Visit My Website.”

  • Add links to social networks (“Connect with me on Twitter” - “Like My Facebook Page”- “Watch My Videos On Youtube” etc.).

  • If you have an online store you should add a link that says something like “Grab Some Merch” and link people to your online store.

  • Add a link that says “Subscribe for Updates” and link fans to your newsletter subscribe form so they can input their email address.

  • Other things you can add are relevant press articles/interviews, event RSVP’s, links to performance recaps, etc.

Linktree Tips

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of using Linktree:

  • Use “call to actions” - A call to action is a fancy marketing term for telling people what you want them to do. Your Linktree should be written with call to actions. So for instance, instead of just saying “Facebook” say “Like My Facebook Page” and instead of just saying “Merch” say “Grab Some Merch” and instead of just putting your song or project title put “Listen to [insert song/project title”] or “Stream [insert song/project title].” By doing this, it entices the reader to click.

  • Linktree lets you drag and rearrange your links. If I were you, I would arrange your links according to relevance. For instance, make sure your latest release is at the top of your linktree instead of at the bottom.

Where Do You Put Your Linktree?

So you created your linktree (yay!), now it’s time to place it where your fans will see it. Simply put your linktree link in your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook bios. BOOM, you’re finished!