How to Get Your Music Release to A Much Wider Audience [draft]

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Many artists rely solely on their social media posts to promote their new releases. Promoting to your current fan base is encouraged but it isn’t enough. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting your new release in front of the eyes and ears of new people who would love the kind of music you make.

There’s a few different ways to do this, but we’re going to outline the most effective ways to do this. It’s really not rocket science but there is an art to it.

Create a facebook and instagram ad for your release

You may have tried creating ads in the past, and they may or may not have worked. Well we’re here to tell you that if done right, ads can work wonders. Creating ads is the most efficient and effective way to get more eyes and ears on your release. If you’re going to put money towards any sort of promotion, ads will get you the most bang for your buck (more than paying any publicist would if we’re being brutally honest here). .

Companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars a month in ads. I’ve seen artists put upwards of $4000 in ads for the release of a music video. I’ve seen other artists who spend between $200-1000 per month on ads. We’re not expecting you to have the kind of cash that big companies do, but we definitely insist that you spend as much as you can on getting the word out there about your new release.

Not sure how to create an ad for your release? Check out our step by step guide to creating effective ads on Facebook and Instagram.[hyperlink]

As you can see in the post above, artist Lew Sid did an ad for his “How You Feelin” music video, and it received 260k+ views! Because of this ad, the video reached so many people that it ended up being reposted by RoyceDa59, Baller Alert, and Global Grind, and the song was premiered by Ebro on Beats1.

Send Your Music to Bloggers and Playlist Curators

Getting your music on curated playlists and posted by different blog outlets can definitely boost your song plays and engagement. This is still second to ads, which is why we talked about doing ads first.

There are simple ways of doing this, and there’s more complex ways of doing this. We’ll give you both ends of the spectrum.

The Easy Way:

The easiest way to go about sending your music to bloggers and playlist curators is by using a platform called Submithub. You may or may not have heard of this platform before, but we’ve used it for our agency (Taste Creators) and it’s worked well.

Submithub is basically a database of bloggers, playlist curators, Youtubers, radio stations and labels who are all on the site to receive your music submissions. You can create your profile and submit your song or video to the outlets of your choice.

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Submithub is free to utilize, but there’s also something called a “premium submission” which starts at only $1. What this does, is makes sure that your submission goes to the top of the other submissions the outlets receive. It also gives that outlet 48 hours to either approve or deny your submission. If they take too long, you get your money back. If they deny your submission, they have to tell you why they denied it. And if they approve your submission they have to tell you how they plan on sharing it (for instance, are they going to add it to a playlist? do a write up and post it to their blog? etc.).

The “catch” is that you can’t submit full projects, only singles. But in our opinion that works in your favor because if people love your stand out track, they’ll be more interested in listening to your project. Submithub lets you chat directly with the blogger or curator who approves your submission. So in that case, you can mention that your single is actually a part of your new project and they might end up posting your whole project.

The Hard(er) Way:

Now, the other way to go about sending your music to journalists, bloggers and playlist curators is to find their email address, type up an awesome pitch, and send out a bunch of emails on your own. You may have tried this before, and it may or may not have worked. Our agency (Taste Creators) has been very successful taking this route, but it definitely takes time and effort, but the results can be phenomenal.

If you’re not sure how to go about finding people to send your music to, or if you’ve tried it in the past with little to no results, check out our guide to solidifying press for your new release. [hyperlink]

Get Featured on Podcast and Radio Interviews

While mainstream radio is very hard to access (unless you’re signed to a major label), there are many smaller (local) outlets that will gladly interview you and/or play your song on their show. For instance, Dash Radio has a bunch of independent curators who host their own shows and they often highlight underground artists.

What you’ll need to do is research these different outlets that are in your area (can usually be found on twitter and Instagram) and send them an email with your EPK [hyperlink EPK article] to see if you can get featured on their show.

Not sure how to do this? Check out our guide to solidifying press for your new release.

Perform Live

Performing live is probably the most effective way to turn regular followers into super-fans. It’s also a great way to reach new fans who may not have heard of you before. There are many ways to go about performing live - from hitting your local open mics, to being a featured artist at a local music showcase or event, to performing at Festivals and our favorite, throwing your own shows.

We created an entire guide on how to book your own shows, how to get on festivals and much more. It also includes sample pitch emails that you can utilize. Click here to check out our complete guide to booking your own shows. [hyperlink]

Street Team Promotion

Promoting yourself online plays a major role in getting your music out there, however you can’t forget to hit the streets! Connecting with people in real life is what helps you pack out shows. You don’t want to be the artist who has a big online following but can’t pack a show because you’re not connecting with the people. This is where street team promotion comes in.

Whether you and a few of your friends handle this, or if you hire a street team promotions company, street team promotion is very important. Here’s what we mean by this:

  • Print out posters with a really awesome picture of you on them (could be your cover art), and make sure it has your name, website and social media on there. Put these posters around all of the popular spots in your area.

  • Print out stickers, give them away to people so they can post them on their laptops, but also post stickers in popular areas in your town.

  • Put up a billboard (yes, one of those big billboards you see while driving on the highway or through your town). If you live in a big city, you also see billboards throughout the subway stations and other modes of public transportation. Billboards are not as expensive as you may think. You can get digital billboards in some places for as low as $300. Imagine putting up a billboard with the name of your project and the release date? If you take a picture and post it to social media, fans will get really excited because billboards usually represent an artist who is “doing big things.”

  • Aside from billboards, you can also wrap cars and buses. You’ve probably seen this before as many businesses and radio stations fully wrap their vehicles with their own branding, and artists that go on tour often have buses wrapped with the name of the tour on the side.

Check out our resource library [hyperlink] for a list of trusted poster and sticker printers, and billboard companies for you to use.

South Jersey artist, Mir Fontane showing off his billboard for his “Who’s Watching the Kids 2” project.

South Jersey artist, Mir Fontane showing off his billboard for his “Who’s Watching the Kids 2” project.

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