How to Use Spotify and Apple Music's Pre-Save/Pre-Sale to Get More Ears to Your Project [first draft]


Pre-saving lets fans save your project so that it’s added to their music library the second it’s released. This helps you build a ton of momentum before your release date and makes first day streams go through the roof.

So for instance, if you’re album drops in 30 days, you can start promoting your pre-save link and fans can add your album to their library. Then once the project is available, they already have it and can listen to it immediately. You can also use pre-save for single releases, but we’ve seen a better response when doing this for a full project.

If you’re looking for actual sales (not just streams), you can also pre-sell your project from 1 week to six months in advance, but you can only do this on iTunes and amazon, and it can only be done for an album not a single song.

So now instead of always saying “new music coming soon” you can also give them a link to make sure they get it.

Instant Gratification

Along with a presale, you can also have a instant gratification track available. This means that you can choose a song from your project to be available for purchase or streaming before the album drops. [insert screenshot of casey veggies instant grat]

So for instance, if you want a single to be made available before your entire project drops, you can set up the pre-sale or pre-save option and make that single instantly available for anyone who clicks the link to pre-save the project.

How to Set Up a Pre-Save and/or a Pre-Sale

You can set this up directly through your distributor (TuneCore, CDBaby, Disctrokid etc.). You just have to have all of your project assets (mastered tracks, release date, album cover) ready to go way in advance to allow ample time for you to promote the pre-sale link.

Brianna DeMayo