How To Keep the Momentum Going After Your Release Drops


Once you release music, the party doesn’t stop. It’s actually just begun! Now you’ll need to keep the momentum going. There are many ways to do this and most of it is rooted in the content you’ll continue to post; but we created a list of possibilities just for you:

Have a public video premiere event/party.

A really great way to kick off your release is by throwing a release party. Invite all of your friends, family and fans in your area to premiere the project or video at a venue during the week of the release or on release day. At this event, you can perform the song(s) from your new release, sell merch and take pictures with everyone who attends. Be sure to get video of this event for social media content (1 minute video for Instagram and put the longer version of the recap on your YouTube).

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Create more content around the release.

As you know by now, content makes the world go ‘round. It’s the content that you continue to post on a consistent basis that will help keep the eyes and ears on your new music. For instance, post a video recap of your release party, a video recap of any shows you do once the project drops, a behind-the-scenes video/photo of any press/interviews you do (example: take a pic while you’re doing a podcast or getting interviewed by your local paper or radio station and shout them out), and/or a “making-of” video (example: the making of one of your songs or the making of a music video). Continue to show people what goes on behind-the-scenes and all the hard work you’re putting in!

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Get your fans involved as much as you can.

Continuing to interact with your supporters is a really important part of keeping the momentum going. As people see all the great feedback you’re getting, it’ll make them want to check out your release.

So for instance, you should be sharing all stories that people tag you in on Instagram.

You should be responding to every comment.

You should be retweeting and favoriting every tweet that someone mentions your new release in.

You should be reposting all of the amazing feedback you get while shouting out and thanking your supporters.

You can also get your fans to help promote the release by keeping them in the loop of your streaming stats and teasing them with a new release if they get your streams/views to a certain number (for example: post a screenshot of your current streaming numbers with the caption “get my song to ## plays and I’ll drop another record just for ya’ll”).

Interacting with your supporters and making them feel appreciated is such an easy thing to do but it goes a long way.

keep the ads running.

By now, you should have done a Facebook and Instagram ad for your new release (whether you boosted a few posts or created a full blown ad). So now that your release is out, you’ll want to keep track of how these ads are doing and put more money behind the ones that are doing the best.

You should keep ads running consistently for the best content that you post in order to keep reaching new people who would love your music and brand.

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