How to Describe Your New Music Video and Write Your Press Release For It (With Examples)


If you read our article on how to write the perfect press release [hyperlink], you already know that a press release is used to answer the who, what, when, where and why of whatever you’re pitching.

So as explained in that article [hyperlink], the press release for your music video will include a description that will answer the following questions:

  • Describe the concept of your music video (is there a certain message behind it? or point you’re trying to get across?)

  • Who directed the video?

  • Where was it shot?

  • Mention any other important details (ex: are there any features on the song? who produced the track? etc.)

Video Description Example: Casey Veggies “Awarded”

For example, here’s a press release about Casey Veggies latest video for his song, Awarded:

"After dropping the trailer for his long-awaited EP, Organic, Casey Veggies follows up with the music video for Awarded, shot and directed by Never Compromise Films. Recently parting ways with Epic Records, Casey is sharing his story about being free from the label's restraints, while also feeling he's been Awarded for making it through the struggles of the game. The video finds the L.A. rapper hiking through the trails of Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve. The project itself is a dedication to his close friends, Mac Miller and Nipsey Hussle, that will include features from some of the OG's of the West Coast including YG, E-40, The Game and Dom Kennedy."

The video was being premiered on World Star, and above is the description we had to send them to go along with the post.

Most media outlets won’t write their own description, instead they will want you to send them the description first (and if they do write something about it, they’ll use the description you sent them as a starting point).

Example 2: China Mac “Voices In My Head” Video

To give you another example, here’s the description used to promote China Mac’s “Voices In My Head” video:

“It has been a long time since the good folks at RED MONEY RECORDS released a new CHINA MAC video, which is understood since MAC has been in prison on a parole violation for the past year. But the company breaks the hiatus with "VOICES IN MY HEAD" which is a super strong statement.

Completely different from anything CHINA MAC has released prior to this, "VOICES IN MY HEAD" proves that MAC is much more than a "Gangster Rapper" and shows that he is not scared to go outside the box.

Over a Lazee D produced track, CHINA MAC paints a picture of a twisted person who suffers from hearing sinister voices in his head and ultimately gives in to the voices by committing mass murder.

The video which was written by CHINA MAC and directed by PICTURE PERFECT is a perfect depiction of the song. CHINA MAC shows his acting skills on "VOICES IN MY HEAD" which is off of his properly titled "Movie In The Making" mixtape.

With such a strong statement made by the incarcerated rapper/actor one can only imagine the possibilities once MAC returns. “

As you can see in the description (above), it’s starts off letting the reader know that China Mac is incarcerated yet his team is still releasing his content. The description then goes into how this song and visual differs from many of his past releases and shows a different side to China Mac. We then give details on who produced the song itself, as well as describe what happens in the video. After that, we tell who directed the visual and state that it’s on his “Movie in the Making” mixtape.

Example 3: Casey Veggies “The Ceiling” Video

For the last example, we’ll show you the description for Casey Veggies latest video release, “The Ceiling.”

Casey Veggies Takes Time To Appreciate His Blessings In The Official Music Video For 'The Ceiling'

On June 7, Casey dropped a project latest project, Organic, that included features from YG, Dom Kennedy, E-40 and more. Today, he’s back with the official video for one of his most personal tracks off of the project, The Ceiling, which is the third official video released from the project. 

Watch The Ceiling Official Video Here

"It’s a super vulnerable song that talks about painting a picture of the dark space I was in. I want to appreciate my blessings instead of letting things get to me. I want to move forward. I talk about what I'm feeling and what I’m going through. We have party records and “hit songs,” but this project wasn’t designed from that." - Casey (MTV Interview, 05/30/19)

Stand out lyrics: As I stare at the ceiling, I'm plotting in my room like, 'Young ni**a get out your feelings, get out and go get it' My mind on a million, I'm hated, but loved by many.” 

The song itself is produced by: J.LBS and the video was shot, edited, & directed by: Omar Guerra.

As you can see, the description starts with a headline that sums up what you can expect from the video. The description fills us in on what this video represents, as well as the fact that it’s from his new album, Organic.

The description also includes a quote directly from Casey Veggies about the concept behind the song and what the song means to him. From there we back it up with stand out lyrics and credits.

A Challenge for You

We challenge you to write your own description for one of your most recent music videos (whether it be a video that you released recently or a video you’re looking to drop soon). Use this article as a guide, and be sure to start by answering those questions in the first section of this article.

Let us know how it goes by posting in our Facebook group [hyperlink]

Next Steps: Writing Your Pitch Email

As you may know, writing the description is just a piece to the puzzle. Now you’ll need to write your pitch email that you’ll send out with the description.

To show you how to do this, check out our article on “how to write the pitch email for your music video” (template included). [hyperlink]

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