What Content Should You Have Prepared Before Releasing New Music?


Once you’re ready to release something, you’ll need to have content that you can use to promote it. Consider all of this your ammo.

You can’t shoot a gun without having ammo, so we suggest that you don’t set any release dates until you have your content ready to go. Seriously, don’t do it. You don’t want to have to publicly push your release date back because you had to make a few more edits on your music video and you didn’t give yourself enough time to do it.

Don’t complicate it or overthink it; just answer the following question:

What type of cool s**t can you post to your social media channels to help promote your new release?

Your content should be unique to you of course, but here’s a list and some examples to help the ideas start flowing:

Cover Art + Promo Graphics/Animations

While having cover art prepared for release day is obvious, you can also take it a step further and create other promotional graphics to go along with it, like a row of posts for your Instagram.

Check out the following examples, designed by Nik Johnson for artist DotSquiat (@Dotsquiat)

As you can see, along with the cover art, there’s also other graphics and an animation with the same branding.

Promo Video

Aside from graphics and cover art, you can also create a promotional video for your new release. Check out the example below, which was also posted with the set of graphics above.

tell The Concept Behind Your New Project

Aside from promotional graphics and videos, you can also create content that explains the concept behind your new release, which in return, makes them relate to it and helps in building that bond between you and your audience.

Check out this example of Goldsmith explaining the concept behind his Skyfall EP.

As you can see in the video, Goldsmith shows you a preview of each song on the EP, while explaining what the song was about and how it relates to the concept of the entire project.

Drop a Project “Trailer”

If you’re releasing a new project, you can drop some sort of trailer that teases the project, like this one that Casey Veggies released for his recent album, Organic.

When he released it on Twitter, he uploaded it directly to the tweet and it ended up getting over 200k views!

give a behind-the-scenes look at your new release

Everyone loves to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what you’re working on. It can be way more impactful to release some sort of behind-the-scenes content that brings people into your world instead of just promoting at them all the time.

This can be a glimpse into your recording session, a clip of your rehearsal, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of your music video, a breakdown of your songwriting process and other creative content that goes along with the concept of your release.

You can literally search YouTube for “music behind the scenes” and a bunch of examples will pop up.

These videos can be taken on your phone or they can be professionally shot. That’s totally up to you.

Here’s one of our favorite behind the scenes videos from artist, Jon Bellion:

Here’s another one of our favorite behind the scenes videos - the making of Ryan Leslie’s “Addiction.”

On an indie level, here’s a “making of” video from King Salomon about his recent project, “The Payne Tape.”

The videos don’t have to be really long either. You can put longer versions on YouTube and then break it down into a few short clips to post to your other social media channels. Or you can simply create short 1-minute snippet videos just for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, like indie artist King Salomon did for the release of “The Payne Tape” as seen below.

Aside from giving a behind-the-scenes look at the project itself, Salomon also broke down the concept behind each of the tracks. Here are a few of those videos below (the rest can be seen on his Instagram):

Do A Photoshoot Specifically for the Release

Nothing says “new music who dis?” more than a new photoshoot to go along with your release. You’ve seen this happen recently when Cardi B was gearing up to finally release her new single, “Press.”

You can update your profile photos to photos from your new shoot. Which leads us to our final suggestion…

create custom Social Media Banners

Since social media plays a huge role in promoting your new releases, it’s always a great idea to take advantage of this by re-branding how your social networks look. You can start with updating your profile photos to the new shoot you just took for your release (like we mentioned in the previous section) but to take it a step further you can also design custom social media banners. Think of banners on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud as free billboard space for you to advertise on.

For instance, for the release of his "Organic” album, Casey Veggies adjusted his social media banners to this:


Overall, there are many different pieces of content that you can create that will put a stronger push behind your new release while also building even closer relationships with your fan base. Remember, your content is your ammo, so make sure your gun is loaded before you start trying to shoot it.