How to Write the perfect Press Release (series) [draft]


Press release is just a fancy term for essentially telling people who, what, when, where, how and why’s of what’s happening in your music career.

If you want write ups for your music and interviews for your projects, you first have to give the writer something to write about, that’s where a press release comes in.

what do you send out a press release for?

You’ll send out a press release for the following:

Write ups (for your song/video) - You’ll want to send out a press release announcing a new release whether it be a song, music video or full project.

Interviews - You’ll pitch for an interview when you have a new album coming out and when you’re going on tour. You can also pitch for interviews with outlets that you have already built relationships with, even if you don’t have a new album or tour, however always make sure you have something to talk about (like a certain story you’ll want to get out there).

Premieres - A premiere is when a certain blog or media outlet posts your song/video/project first, usually for up to 24 hours before any other outlets are able to post. So you can pitch for a premiere by sending out a private link to your song weeks before it drops.

Original Content Specific to the Outlet - Many press outlets have unique content specific to their outlet. For instance, Taste Creators has their #TastyTuesdays Playlist on Soundcloud that posts indie artists only; Mass Appeal has Rhythm Roulette where producers go crate digging and pick random songs that they’ll sample and use to create a beat on the spot; Complex has a series called Hot Ones where people get interviewed while eating wings with different levels of hot sauce; and All Def Music has their Bar Exam series where celebs have to read song lyrics and guess what artist said those lyrics. You get the point.

To land these types of press coverage, you’ll need to have really awesome music and sometimes you’ll need to have a a larger and engaged fan base, But every time, you’ll need to have a really awesome press release.

This article will show you exactly how to write the perfect press release.

developing your story + writing your headline

In today’s world where inboxes are completely flooded with pitches and music submissions, oftentimes your music isn’t even heard if you don’t have anything interesting to say about it.

The headline is the first thing that people will read and it will determine whether someone even opens your email. If you can think of a really cool headline that will make people want to read further, that’s the first step for solidifying press. It will have to stand out amongst a sea of other emails in their flooded inbox. So, what will the headline say?

In order to come up with a great headline, first you’ll need to think about the purpose of your press release:

Are you trying to get a certain story (your story) out there?

Are you trying to get your new album reviewed?

Are you trying to get them to post your new music video?

Are you trying to get on their original content series?

You’ll want to map out the purpose of your press release in order to be able to write it in a way that will entice the person on the other end of your email to do what you want them to do.

The type of headline you’ll create will be determined by the purpose of the release itself.

Think, what story are you trying to tell? And if it were written about in a newspaper, what would the headline say?

The Meat/body of your press release

Once you figured out the headline, it’ll be easier for you to write the rest of the release. The information in the body is used to give the supporting details of the headline.

So for instance, if the headline is about the release of your new music video, the body of your press release will give the important details about that music video.

So for instance, the body of that press release would include:

  • who was the video directed by?

  • what is the concept of the video?

  • how does the video concept relate to the song?

  • where was the video shot?

If the press release is about your new album, the body of the press release would include:

  • when is the album title and release date?

  • why did you decide to give your album that title?

  • What’s the story behind the album?

  • Does the project deal with a certain concept? Talk about the concepts/stories that each song takes you through.

  • are there any features on the album?

  • who produced the songs on the album?

  • is this your first album? second? etc.

  • How long did it take to record the project?

  • What’s the lead single(s)?

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