How to Schedule Social Media Posts In Advance


The hardest part about growing your audience on social media is staying consistent with posting. We’ve come across hundreds of artists who make amazing music but they just rarely post anything to their social media channels, and therefore all of that amazing music doesn’t get heard by many people.

As much as we may refuse to accept it, social media can play a big role in getting your music out there. If you’re not posting things, you’re essentially out of sight out of mind.

Many artists don’t post consistently simply because they don’t know what to post. If this sounds like you, make sure you check out our article about content you should be posting to social media [hyperlink].

Other artists don’t feel like they have enough time to post, so they don’t make it a priority. If that sounds like you, then scheduling social media posts in advance can definitely help ease your head ache.

What kinds of posts should you schedule?

As you may know, social media is all about engaging with people and showing your personality, but it’s also about promoting yourself and making sure that you’re showing the world all of that hard work you’re putting in.

There are certain things that you’ll want to share multiple times - things such as press you’ve received, old music videos, album releases, #TBT’s, and more.

To make your life easier, you can schedule those “promotional” posts in advance, that way you can spend time documenting and showing the world how awesome you are without having to worry about remembering to promote that music video you released three months ago.

step 1. compile your content

First you’ll need to gather up all of the content you want to schedule.

Here’s a list of things that you’ll want to schedule in advance, that should be promoted multiple times on your social media channels:

  • Music videos (because we’re sure there’s some people who haven’t seen it)

  • Songs that were released as singles (because there’s someone out there who needs to hear it)

  • Albums, ep’s, LP’s mixtapes (so that those who are late to the party can get familiar)

  • Press you’ve received (give yourself some clout points)

  • Performance recap videos and photos (show your followers what they’re missing out on if they don’t buy a ticket to your next show while showing that clothing brand why they need to sponsor you)

  • #TBT throwback photos and videos (so your followers can have those nostalgic “aww” moments)

  • Your newsletter subscribe form (so you can collect emails)

  • Your website (so people can learn more about you)

  • Your merch store (so you can make some $hmoney)

So before you can schedule anything, gather up all of things that you want to promote in one place.

Step 2: Create the tweets/post content

Using that list, create tweets/statuses to go along with each. Example: “To be the first to get my new music, discounted show tickets and free merch, be sure to sign up to my mailing list right now by clicking here: [link to your subscribe form]”

You may want to create variations of each status/tweet. For instance, you can create 2-3 different tweets that all have the purpose of promoting your mailing list. (Just to mix it up a bit). 

By doing this, you should have on average 10-15 tweets/statuses that you can use for promotion on a consistent basis.

To make your life even easier, we’ve created a whole list of tweets and statuses that you can use for yourself [hyperlink to article]. Just plug in things like song titles and links to your videos and BOOM, you’re social media is rockin’ and rollin’.

step 3: use these tools to schedule your content

There are many different tools out there that will allow you to schedule social media content in advance. Some tools are totally free, some you’ll have to pay for (which isn’t always a bad idea).

In order to not overwhelm you, we’ll lay out how we do it.

To schedule posts on Instagram we use Planoly (and we’ve also used Later but we ended up actually paying for Planoly since we love it so much). We use Planoly for iPhone (we use it from a laptop every once in a while too). The Planoly app dashboard looks just like Instagram. It lets you see what posts you’ve already posted, then lets you upload new content and arrange it however you want to, which allows you to see how your instagram will look before you post anything. You can also schedule your Instagram stories. You can schedule up to 30 posts for free, or you can schedule unlimited posts by paying a small monthly fee (which is less than the price of a salad and totally worth it in our opinion).

Here’s a screenshot of the Taste Creators Planoly dashboard.

Here’s a screenshot of the Taste Creators Planoly dashboard.

To schedule posts on Facebook and Twitter, we use Hootsuite. Although Facebook makes it really easy to schedule posts in advance right from your Facebook page, Hootsuite lets you schedule both Facebook and Twitter posts all from the same dashboard (and we like to keep it simple as possible so we prefer to use 1 tool to get the job done instead of 2). Hootsuite lets you schedule Instagram posts too but we like Planoly better for that.

If you have a lot of social media profiles (maybe you run a few pages of members in your band or group, or a fan page, an event page etc.), you may want to use the paid version of Hootsuite. If you’re only going to be using Hootsuite to manage your own Twitter and Facebook page, you can sign up for a free account.


We challenge you to do the following:

  1. Use these mock tweets and statuses [hyperlink article] to create a bunch of social media posts to schedule.

  2. Schedule 10-20 posts to go out over the next two weeks using the information in this article.

Be sure to hop in the MBHT Facebook group [hyperlink] and let us know about your progress!