The Social Media Challenge [draft]


One big message that we try to make sure that we make clear is that no matter how much you learn, the real magic is in the execution. If you don’t go out and actually do the work, you won’t be able to bask in all of the amazing results.

To help give you a little push, we’re introducing MBHT Challenges (#MBHTChallenge).

You’ve probably seen challenges online before (you may have even been a part of one or two), and we’re not talking about the bucket challenge, we’re talking about those challenges that tell you things like “post something that inspires you today.” There’s a ton of them out there, but none of them are made for artists and musicians, until now.

In the first MBHT challenge, we’re going to help you grow your audience online, by giving you specific things to do and post over the next 30 days. If you follow this challenge exactly as we say, we promise that you’ll have new followers and you’ll be seeing more engagement. Social media will also be much easier for you by the time you’re done the challenge.

Be sure to use the #MBHTChallenge hashtag so that we can show love to your posts!

You should also make note of how many followers you have, plus take a screenshot of your current analytics on each platform so that you can see the growth by the time you’re done.

The Challenge:

Day 1: Invite every single one of your Facebook friends to 'like' your fan page. 

Day 2: Put up a Facebook status and post on Instagram that tells everyone how passionate you are about your music and why. Send a private message to anyone that likes the status thanking them for their support.

Day 3: On Twitter, send out 5 tweets that shout out followers that you appreciate.

Day 4: Like 50 random posts on Instagram.

Day 5: Post a piece of press that you’ve received in the past across all social media platforms.

Day 6: Post something that will inspire your audience (post on all networks).

Day 7: Document your entire day on your Instagram story. Post 5-7 stories from the time you wake up to right before you go to sleep.

Day 8: Follow 5 people (on Instagram) that you want to network with and comment on one of their posts.

Day 9: Start a conversation with someone you don’t know by retweeting and replying to one of their recent tweets.

Day 10: Post a picture (or video) from one of your live shows and tell your followers where that photo was taken and how much you love performing live in the caption.

Day 11: Post a professionally shot photo of yourself on Instagram. Use one of your song lyrics for the caption and also be sure to tag the photographer.

Day 12: Post a picture (on Instagram) with someone you consider to be a fan of your art. Tag them in the picture and write a meaningful caption.

Day 13:

Day 14: Post a photo (or video) of you in the studio recording (post on all platforms).

Day 15: Post a snippet of your latest music video (or song, if you don’t have a music video yet).

Day 16: Comment on 5 people’s posts today on Instagram.

Day 17: Put up a post asking people what their favorite song of yours is (on all platforms).

Day 18: Send a random DM to someone you’ve never talked to before.

Day 19:

Day 20: Post one of the music videos you have buried on your YouTube.

Day 21:

Day 22: Post something from your merch store on your social media (include pictures and a link with a brief description). If you don’t have a merch store yet, check out our article on designing your merch store [hyperlink] and start thinking of some design ideas.

Day 23: ‘Like’ 50 random posts on Instagram.

Day 24: Post a piece of press that you’ve received in the past across all social media platforms. Haven’t gotten any press yet? Check out our series on how to land press for your brand and new music [hyperlink]

Day 25:

Day 26:

Day 27:

Day 28:

Day 29:

Day 30: Go live on instagram, facebook or twitter and play some song snippets for those who join you on live.


You finished the challenge!

Head on over to the MBHT Facebook group and let us know your results!

And if you found this challenge helpful, here’s a Bonus Post for Day 31: Put up a post about how the #MBHTChallenge has helped you!