What Should You Be Posting to Social Media to Grow Your Audience? [not finished]


If you’re one of those artists who isn’t a big fan of social media, join the club, as many of the most talented artists just don’t enjoy posting to social media. However, since we live in such a digital world, social media plays a huge role in growing your fan base and solidifying your brand.

So whether you hate social media or not, you must understand what a vital role it plays.

Think of it this way, that wack rapper you hate has a fan base. Why? Because they are posting to social media, while YOU the talented artist is hiding out in the studio and not being active online. That’s the world we live in.

We’re here to make social media as simple as possible so that you come out of the shadows and reach that audience you deserve to reach.

Content, Content and More Content

As you probably know, content is what makes the world go around. It’s the content you post that will grow your audience and help you build a closer relationship with your fans.

Content is just a fancy word for photos, videos, written articles and graphics.

Most artists think that making music videos for every song is the answer but we’re here to tell you that great content is way more than just official music videos.

Think about Cardi B for instance. Whether you like her or not, her social media antics are a huge reason as to why she’s famous in the first place. She has an amazing way of relating to her core fan base through the things she posts to social media, plus she’s funny, which always helps to engage people.

You should think of who you’re trying to reach (your target audience) and what messages you want to spread and create content that would resonate with them. For instance, do you want to be a motivating factor? Then you should post something that’ll motivate your audience - maybe it’s a motivational quote, or maybe it’s a video of you saying some motivational s**t.

Or maybe you’re a funny person, so in that case you’ll want to make sure you’re being funny online.

Ultimately you want your content to show your personality as well as help bring your fans (and potential fans) into your world and really show them the hard work you put in.

You can do this by documenting what goes on behind the scenes. Document the recording process, the writing process, etc. Remember, the more vulnerable you are to your fans, the more connected they feel and the more likely they’ll be to support you.

So What Should You Be Posting?

If you’ve ever been stuck not knowing what to post to social media, you’re definitely not alone. To help make this process easy for you, we came up with a long list of things you can be posting to social media with plenty of visual examples.

It’s really all about posting a mixture of things that will show your personality and give your audience a behind the scenes look at your life.

You can even create a mini documentary (around 3-5 minutes long) that shows you telling your story and also mixes in footage of you performing, recording, etc.). Think of it as a “who is Imani Blair” video, that people can watch and by the time they’re finished watching they are a fan. You can tell your story while also bringing people into your world. You can post the longer version to youtube and also cut it down into multiple shorter clips for facebook, instagram and twitter, and eventually you can begin to create  “episodes”. For example, check out this episode that we shot for a songwriter in Philly.

You can also create content based around the creation of your music. For instance, check out this video we shot for an artist named Goldsmith, for an EP he released last year. In the video he breaks down the concept of his EP and the songs that are on it.

Here’s a few content ideas outside of the ones mentioned above:

  • Take photos when you have meetings with people that have to do with your music career. Tag those people in the photo so they can engage with it. Also tag the location so that more people see your post.

  • Create in-studio vlogs when you’re recording. Show the process of you recording the song. Have the song playing in the background while you’re talking into the camera about the song and how you were inspired to write it. Take photos capturing these moments as well.

  • Take photos and videos of your shows and post recaps to youtube. Cut that video down to smaller clips for the other social media channels.

  • Take consistent photoshoots so that you’ll always have new press photos (for your website, epk) plus you can post them to your instagram with inspiring captions.

  • You should create some sort of unique content that people can look forward to that shows your personality and delivers your message. A great example of this is @chinamac (he’s a great example of how to get your fan base to engage with you). One thing that he does that really makes him stand out is he creates unique content like his #MacTalk for instance. If you search #MacTalk and #Mactivational on IG, you’ll see that china mac uses these hashtags to give motivation. When he first started posting these videos, he was only getting a few hundred views. Now, we’ve seen some of these videos reach over 20K views and really get his audience interacting with him.

  • You can use apps like Wordswag or Canva to create text graphics (you can create and post things that will motivate your audience)