How To See If Your Fans Are Ready for New Music


Many artists make the mistake of putting out full projects too soon (before their audience is ready for it). This is especially true for indie artists who may not have much of a buzz yet.

There’s a few possible reasons for this: one being that they didn’t market it the right way and two, maybe their audience just wasn’t ready to indulge in a full body of work just yet.

You spent all that time creating all this wonderful music, the last thing you want is for your music to fall on deaf ears.

You see, marketing is psychology. You always have to think of things from a potential fan’s point of view. I say “potential fan” because someone who follows you is not a fan. It takes time to turn them into a fan of your music. So initially, you don’t want to give people an entire project to digest as that can be too overwhelming for people to sit and listen to 10+ songs from an artist they aren’t necessarily familiar with yet.

There are 40,000 songs being uploaded to Spotify every single day.

Yes you heard that correctly. 40 THOUSAND SONGS uploaded daily.

That’s A LOT of music to consume.

So you’ll want to make sure your followers are paying attention and ready to receive what you have to give them.

Keep in mind, this is not necessarily about how many followers you have, as everyone must start somewhere. This is about how many of those people are actually interested in checking out your music and content. It’s less about numbers and more about engagement.

Have you heard about that recent story about the Instagram influencer with over 2 million followers who couldn’t sell 36 hoodies? This is what we want you to avoid.

If you haven’t dropped any music in a while (more than a few months) and you want to see who’s ready for new music, there’s a few things you can do to basically survey your audience to see how many people are actually engaged and ready for new music.

If you really want to see who’s already paying attention, you can do the following:

  • Put up a post on Instagram and Facebook telling your fans to “like this status if you’re ready for some new music.”

  • Put up a tweet that says “RT this is you want some new music.”

  • Put up a post on Facebook and Instagram that says, “If i get 100 comments I’ll drop my next song/video.”

  • Put a poll in your Instagram story and see how many people say “yes” for new music.

Posting things like this will allow you to efficiently gauge how many people are paying attention. If you don’t get many interactions you know you have some work ahead of you and it might not be the best time to drop a full project.  

Instead, you should start by posting consistent content that your followers can engage with that will get them interacting, and then drop a few singles and see what the response is.

Consistency is always the key.

Once you try those steps mentioned above, head over to the Music Business How To Facebook group and let us know what the response was.

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