The Complete Guide to Getting Press for Your Music and Brand [draft]


While getting your music on media and blog outlets isn’t the sole thing you should rely on nowadays to grow your fanbase (as a 1 on 1 connection with our fans is always best), it can be nice to add to your resume to solidify future opportunities, and if done right, it can definitely add some spice to your promo campaign.

The cool thing is that you can do this yourself, without having to hire an expensive publicist, however don’t expect major results to happen overnight. Publicists take years cultivating relationships and spend thousands of dollars getting degrees in journalism and Public Relations, so if you’re a new artist, don’t expect to read this and be on MTV tomorrow. After all, this is a marathon not a sprint. But what I can guarantee is that if you follow this guide you WILL get press for your music and brand.

So if you’re doing PR yourself, what are the steps? That’s what we’re here to guide you through.

Why Get Press?

What’s the reason for getting press in the first place? If you answered “to promote your music” you’re only half right. While receiving press can add a small boost to your music promo, the main reason to get press is to tell your story.

When should you pitch for press?

The simple answer to this question would be, when you have built up some kind of online presence and when you have something worth publicizing.

When it comes to solidifying press, you don’t have to have a huge fan base already, however you do have to have some sort of online presence. For instance, many music blogs will look at your Twitter account before deciding to write about you. This is because most music blogs use Twitter to tweet out the blog posts they post to their website, so they want to see that you have some sort of presence on Twitter that will engage with their tweet.

Another thing is, you’ll need to have something worth publicizing (something notable for the journalist to write about). Which leads us to our next point…

What’s “Press Worthy?”

In order to receive press, you’ll need to have something that a journalist or blogger can write about that would be interesting enough for their readers to check out. This can be many things, such as a really cool story about you, or it could be to announce your new album or your new tour. Whatever it is, it has to be interesting enough for the reader.

Gone are the days when a blog can post “check out [insert unknown artists] new music video” and everyone cared. No one clicks on things like that anymore. Think about it. Whens the last time you clicked on a random blog post to check out a video from an artist you never heard of? Don’t worry i’ll wait lol. So you’ll need to figure out a way to make people care.

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