The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram [draft]


Instagram is an amazing tool to use to get your name and music out there.

There’s a reason why Instagram had 1 million users by the time it was 1 month old, and that’s because 1. people love visuals and 2. it gave people a chance to see behind the scenes (people love to feel connected with brands).

Make Your IG Look Awesome

have a professionally shot profile photo, use an awesome bio (not cluttered and don’t post things that people won’t understand), put a linktree in your bio.

what to post?

Instagram has many ways to engage your audience. You can post on your feed, post to your story, and post to IGTV.

Although instagram can get personal, you don’t have to necessarily show every aspect of your day. The main object of using instagram as an artist is to document your journey and inspire others while doing it. From motivational and funny quotes to photos of you networking at events and videos of your performances and studio sessions, Instagram is a great tool to utilize.

What should you post to your IG story?

Swipe up feature once you hit 10k followers.

Use the Unfold app to create beautiful IG stories without paying a graphic designer that will “wow” your fans.

How to use IGTV?

Your IGTV posts show up on your feed (if you choose to allow them to).

How often to post?

I advise you to post at least once per day on your actual feed, and 5-10 times per day on your instagram story to keep the momentum going. Here’s a few ideas to help you.

Choose Awesome Cover Photos

when you post videos to your IG feed, instagram lets you choose the thumbnail (they call them “covers”) that will show up before someone clicks to watch the video. You can choose the cover

Format Videos properly

Most videos that you’ll post to your feed will be horizontal (unless you’re posting a selfie video from your phone or your videographer made a square promo video clip). If the video you’re posting is in horizontal format, make sure that you don’t post it as a square. To post a horizontal video, choose the video you want to post then click the symbol in the corner of the screen (show screenshot).

hashtag etiquette

Use hashtags! From your own original hashtags to popular hashtags - you’ll definitely want to use them to gain exposure to those that aren’t following you. You can even do a google search for the most popular hashtags and use them to build momentum. 

Create story highlights

turn your IG into a business profile