The Ultimate Guide to Using Youtube [draft]


While Youtube isn’t typically where you go to have a conversation (that would be Twitter and Facebook), Youtube is a great tool for promoting your music.

It’s actually the number one place people go to discover new music.

Make Your Channel Look Awesome

make sure you have a header/cover photo AND profile picture. fill out your ‘about’ section with a short bio plus your social media links, streaming links and website link.

Upload Audio Tracks

Since youtube is the number one place people go to discover new music, make sure that you’re uploading your music! You don’t always have to post official videos, instead you can upload a video that just has your cover art as the background and your track playing.

Upload Lots of Videos

You’re doing a disservice to yourself if you’re only using youtube to upload your official music videos. There’s so much other content you could be creating and posting to youtube. From behind the scenes vlogs, to the making of your music videos, to recaps of your performances to cover songs, to lyric videos, “how to” videos, and everything in between, be sure to upload videos regularly in order to get more views and collect subscribers.

Use catchy titles

Part of marketing yourself on youtube starts with naming your videos titles that people will want to click on. Some would call this “click bait” but there’s definitely an art to writing the right titles. Click bait has a negative connotation to it, because most of the time click bait is misleading. We don’t want you to mislead people, but instead, write your captions in a “clickable” way. For instance, instead of saying “an interview with artist” you can give some detail like “artist talks about how he created a music video using just his cell phone.” The latter is more “click-worthy” don’t you agree?

Use Proper Tags

‘Tags’ are the words that people will search for to find the videos they’re looking to watch. Youtube lets you put a ton of tags when uploading your videos. The better your tags are, the more you’ll come up in search results. You should use a bunch of relevant tags when uploading new videos - tag anything that would relate to your music and the video you’re posting, plus anything that people may be searching for (for instance, if you’re a rapper from Philly you may want to tag ‘philly rap’).

Put Detailed Descriptions

You should never leave the description of your video blank. You should always include a description of the video you’re posting, plus links that go along with it (for instance, if you’re posting the official video, post a link to where people can stream the song in the description below the video).

Create Playlists

Make your channel easy for fans to navigate by creating video playlists. For instance, you can create playlists for official videos, covers, live performances, audio tracks, albums, behind the scenes, and more (based on the content you add to your channel).

Link to specific parts of your videos

If you’re posting a long video you can actually put timestamps in the caption and let people click to the part of the video they want to see [insert screenshot of jac constance tasty sessions caption]

Remind People to Subscribe (often)

Use a pop up telling people to subscribe and if it’s a video of you, tell people to subscribe. you can even create a short video clip of you telling people to subscribe and insert this at the end of every video you post.

Use Custom Thumbnails

Monetize Your channel