Unique Promotional Ideas to Get Your Release to a Wider Audience


Although you’ll be repeating a lot of the same steps when it comes to promoting your music, you can spice it up a bit by using creative marketing tactics for each release.

These things do not need to be done for every release or all at once; however they will all definitely give your release an extra push.

Create Unique Marketing Materials Geared Towards Your New Release

Some artists have developed really awesome and creative ways to package their new release. For instance, an artist named, Crizzy Santaiga, titled his project, “Midas Touch,” which was inspired by King Midas. If you know who King Midas is, everything he touched turned to gold. So to market the project, he created limited edition hard copies of the project that were packaged in gold CD sleeves (no, he didn’t use real gold).

Another artist named, The Bul Bey, dropped a single called, “Cheesesteak Special.” He’s from Philly and if you know anything about Philadelphia, it’s that we love our cheesesteaks. So to promote the single, Bey partnered with a local cheesesteak shop and gave out free cheesesteaks for a few hours. The coolest thing about it was that he created custom packaging for the cheesesteaks, as well as merch to go along with the concept (as seen in the photos below).


He also created really cool cover art that looked like a menu item that you would find in the corner bodega.

image1 (7).jpeg

It’s unique things like this that make you stand out in the crowd. This is where you’ll need to get your creative juices flowing.

Set up an exclusive premiere with a media outlet

Some media outlets will premiere your record - meaning for the first 24 hours, they will be the only outlet allowed to post it. This can drive a lot of traffic to their website and depending on the outlet, it can drive a lot of traffic to your release. Landing premieres can be tricky and may not be easy until you’ve built up some sort of following; so I wouldn’t stress about this initially. But if you feel like your music is strong enough and you’ve built up enough of a buzz to solidify a premiere, go for it.

Not sure how to go about landing a premiere? Check out our guide. [hyperlink]


Hold A Contest or challenge

Have people do something (like share your cover art using a specific hashtag, or create a remix of your song, or post a video dancing to your song) and let them know that you’ll choose a winner to receive a prize (announce the prize when you announce the contest).

As you can see in the post above, artist/producer Crystal Caines held a contest for her song called, “She Don’t,” where she asked fans to use her beat to create their own version of her song. The first place winner received a beat that she produced and the second place winner received 3 hours of free studio time. She used the #shedontfreestylechallenge hashtag for the contest campaign. This brought a lot of attention to the song and got her fans interacting with her and all of the other fans who joined the contest.

Set up a “pay with a tweet” campaign.

This is basically a way to get your fans to share your content before they can even view it (aka they have to pay with a tweet). So for instance, if you have a new song or video dropping, you can send an email out to your fans with the release, and once they click a button to listen (or watch), it’ll make them tweet out a message of your choice. Only after they do that can they then can hear the song (or watch the video).

Watch the video below to see how it works.

“Pay with a Tweet” can be utilized to give a more organic approach to marketing a record or video. You can also do this to test fan engagement and see how many people are eager to hear your music.

You can use https://www.paywithatweet.com/ to set this up for yourself. It’s free for your first campaign.

Do you have any other unique ideas that can be used to promote music? If so, post it in the MBHT Facebook group! [hyperlink]