How To Use the Press You Received


So you pitched your latest music and story to a few press outlets and BOOM you landed some press! CONGRATULATIONS!

While you would think that most artists scream this from the rooftop, you’d be surprised at how many artists simply retweet the press once and then forget about it.

There are a few things that you’ll want to do to make sure that you’re using your press to your advantage. Here’s what we suggest:

(RE)Tweet It

Most of the time, media outlets use Twitter to promote the articles that they post to their website. Sometimes they even tweet it from multiple accounts (usually from others that write for their site). Most of the time the outlet will tag you in the tweet, other times you’ll need to search your name on Twitter to find it. Regardless, you should always retweet the post as soon as you can.

Aside from retweeting the tweet from the outlet, you should also share the article yourself. When you do this, also be sure to shout out the writer. This will not only make them share it with their audience, but it will also make them feel appreciated (which will in return, make them want to write about you again).

And don’t tweet it just once or twice and then forget about it. Make sure that you continue to share it. If you’re someone who uses a program to schedule your tweets in advance [hyperlink an article about scheduling social posts], add a tweet with your latest press to your series of scheduled posts.

Add the Press To Your Linktree

If you have a Linktree (highly recommended), you should add a link to your new press to your linktree [hyperlink article about how to create a linktree]. You can add it right under your latest release and title it whatever the title of the press article was. This way, your press article is easily accessible for people to read.

Post a screenshot to instagram

Take a few screenshots of the press article (or take a photo of it if it’s a printed in a magazine or newspaper) and post it to your instagram. If you took multiple screenshots, post it as a slideshow. In the caption, be sure to shoutout both the writer and the media outlet. Also feel free to tell your followers what the article is about.

View this post on Instagram

This 1 of the realist interviews I ever done 💯 @djbooth

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share the post on your facebook page

Sometimes the media outlet will share the post on their Facebook page. You should find their Facebook page (be sure to ‘like’ it!) and share the post to both your fan page and your personal profile. You should also write a post about it and share it yourself (share it a few times over the course of a few months).

Add It to your bio

You should keep your bio updated with some of the best press you’ve received. You can simply mention it as an accolade and hyperlink it to the press article, or you can include a quote from the article itself.

If it’s a really great write up where the outlet describes your music in a really cool way or says some really awesome things about you, you should definitely quote it in your bio (as it gives you some extra “clout points”).

Add It To Your EPK

Just like your bio, your EPK [hyperlink epk article] should be updated on a consistent basis. You should update your EPK with every new piece of press you receive. You can do this by including a screenshot that’s hyperlinked to the article and/or post the title and a quote from the article.

Share it on your website

Your website is essentially the “hub” of everything about you, so you should have a news section that you keep updated with recent press, just like South Florida’s Splash Zanotti did in the example below.

Your news section is essentially a blog, where you create new blog posts for each new piece of press that you receive.

Here’s a screenshot of the NEWS section on Splash Zanotti’s website that he keeps updated with recent press.

Here’s a screenshot of the NEWS section on Splash Zanotti’s website that he keeps updated with recent press.


Have you received any press in the past? If so, share it right now using the steps that you just learned in this article.

PRBrianna DeMayo