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Welcome to the official MBHT Membership home page. Use this page to navigate the site and soak up all the knowledge.

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how-to’s & mini courses

Soak up all of the knowledge with our in depth how-to guides and mini courses.

resource library

Here lies all of our “plugs.” Use our resource library to get access to all of our personal resources that we use on a regular basis.

templates & checklists

Download all of our templates, checklists and spreadsheets to help you be more productive and keep you organized.

Facebook Group

Hop in the secret MBHT Facebook group to connect with our team and other members, plus get hands-on help and guidance. We’re ready to answer your questions and help as much as we can!


 Upcoming Webinars



  • Management Contract Breakdown + Example

  • Label Contract Breakdown + Example

  • All You Need to Know About Music Licensing

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