This page contains a database of our favorite resources for you to utilize.


music Distribution

Get your music onto Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.







*Audiomack is an amazing streaming platform that is focused on paying out royalties to its artists.

Phone Apps

Phone apps to help you create awesome content (promo graphics, flyers and more):

Adobe Spark Post - create flyers, animations, collages and more

Canva - use to create your social media headers and so much more! Canva is a totally free graphic design program (for those with no graphic design skills) with templates for almost everything

Continual App - breaks down long videos into 15 second clips so that you can post long videos to your Instagram story

Griddy for Instagram - you may have seen Instagram accounts that have 1 photo spread out across 3 to 9 spaces on their feed. This is the app they use to do that

IG Repost app - allows you to download photos and videos you find on Instagram so you can share them on Instagram and other networks

Inshot - my favorite video editor. Also great for resizing both photos and video to fit in your Instagram story

Legend App - create animated graphics for social media

Meme plus app - create memes out of your own videos

Unfold App - Lets you create beautiful Instagram stories

Wordswag - one of my favorite phone apps to create cool content for Instagram

To plan and schedule social media content:

Facebook page app - allows you to manage your Facebook page from your phone

Hootsuite - allows you to schedule social media content in advance

Planoly - one of my favorite apps for Instagram that lets you plan Instagram stories and timeline posts in advance and actually see how it will look on your feed before you post it

Other Great Tools

Digit App - The digit app automatically saves money for you so that you don’t have to worry about it. You can use this money to invest back into your music career

Linktree - to put a bunch of links on one link in order to promote multiple things at once - to create your community by collecting emails and sending out newsletters

PayPal - to accept payments online

Smarturl - you’ll want to create one of these for each of your music releases. See an example here

Merch Printers

Black Cat Merch - A great merch printing company based in Atlanta

Reblr - A great merch printing company based in Philadelphia

running your online store

Printful - used to create, sell, and warehouse your merch. Integrates with Squarespace and Shopify to enable dropshipping for your online merch store.

Shopify - e-commerce platform used in conjunction with Printful to accept payments for your online merch store

Squarespace - our favorite website builder due to its simplicity, clean look, easy integrations and helpful support team

Graphic Designers

Bryant Leon

Jordan Plain

Nik Johnson


Arcane Visions

Creative Connect


KwasFX (couldn’t find a portfollio or website link)


Movements By Shar (she’s really only pushing her dancing media stuff now on IG…not sure if you still want to put her on here)



Jamez La Flame

Shot By Wave


Entertainment Lawyers

Ash Kernen

Jason Berger



Blip Billboards


Outfront Media

CollectING Event RSVP’s (event marketing)