Taste Creators Presents “The Recipe” Artist Development Program


Official Flyer (main)

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Recently, we've been super focused on educating artists and their teams to help them build a strong foundation so they can work smarter and capitalize off of opportunities that come their way. With this being said, we decided to take a few artists (and managers) under our wing for the entire month of January, to ensure you have a solid game plan in place for the year. We are excited to announce “The Recipe,” which is Taste Creators' first official Artist Development Program starting Monday, January 7th. During this one month “bootcamp,” we will work together on writing your bio, designing your press kit, building your website, creating a full marketing strategy for your upcoming releases, and we’ll show you how to do your own PR like a pro. We'll also teach you how to monetize everything from streams to live performances to your merchandise.

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Brand Week

For Brand week, we worked hands on with the artists to figure out their unique brand and message. We also had each artist take a photoshoot so that they would have professionally shot photos which we used to rebrand their social media presence. Together, we wrote their bios, designed their press kits and designed their websites.


Marketing Week

For Marketing Week, we worked hands on with the artists to ensure that they understand how to go about growing their fan base organically. We also showed artists the keys to networking, showed them how to utilize ads (on Facebook and Instagram) to reach a wider audience, developed content to help promote their new releases and showed them how to properly roll out their singles, music videos and projects.

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PR Week

For PR Week, we helped artists understand the ins and outs of music PR: from how to write their press releases in a way that actually gets them press, to how to write the perfect pitch email and how they can find the right people to pitch their music to. During this week we also brought in Ryan Bauer (Publicist at Taste Creators) and Paige Kylee who is also a publicist working with influencers.


Money Week

For Money Week, we taught artists how to go about creating their artist budget. We educated our artists about how much things (such as hiring a publicist) typically cost, as well as what to look out for to make sure they’re getting the most bang for their buck. Of course, we also established the most important point of being an independent artist, which is how to make money as an artist, how to go about selling merch, and also how to go about getting booked for shows.

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Coming Soon: “The Recipe” Individual Workshops

Moving forward, we decided to break down the month long course into individual workshops. We have not launched these yet, but planned on doing so upon the launch of MusicBusinessHowTo.